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CLIENT: Three Ireland


PROJECT: Atrium sculpture


The Three offices in Clarendon Steet have a shared atrium which is overlooked by various different tenants. This atrium has no function other than to bring daylight into the centre of the building. A space crying out for colour and movement.


To create a memorable, joyful, ever-changing sculpture which would be relevant to all the tenants and bring the unused atrium space to life.


The sculpture makes use of the full height of the atrium, presenting each floor with a different and seemingly abstract view. But it is only on the ground floor when entering the building that the word becomes legible.

The main idea was to design an ever-changing form that shifted subtly in the flow of air, creating movement in an otherwise static space.

Since the sculpture is seen by the whole building rather than any particular tenant, the colours represent a mix of the different companies without being too specific in case a tenant moves out.

A limited budget meant sourcing commonplace, inexpensive and lightweight materials (fishing line and ping pong balls) which would be easy to construct off site and relatively simple to install.

Atrium welcome ping pong ball